• Audit Services
  • The auditing (including listed companies, foreign investment enterprises, state-owned enterprises etc.)
    ·Merging and purchasing
    ·Property checking and assets accounting
    ·Leaving one’s post
    ·Litigation item
    ·Special item
  • Assets Valuation
  • GP owns a team of CPVs with rich experience so that it can provide special service to assets evaluation.
  • Tax Planning & Tax Advisory Services
  • GP owns a team of CPTs with rich experience so that it can report and check various taxes for the clients. It can use professional knowledge to provide tax plan for the clients. Analyze the relevant tax policies and help them make correct decision.
  • Management Advisory Services
  • ·Merging and purchasing
    ·Internal control system
    ·Finance, tax, management and investment
    ·Project analyzing report
  • Design,Appraisal,Training & Consultancy of Accounting Software
  • GP owns a team of high quality professional staffs for computer. They can Make evaluation to the current computer system and financial software of the clients. Put forward proposal for the clients when they purchase, install and upgrade computer system and financial software. Meanwhile, we can choose or design appropriate financial software according to client’s trade characteristics. Provide the training of computer system and financial software operation for the objective personnel, offer a series of service in software and hardware repair, utilization and consultation at any time.
  • Capital Certification & Other Certifications
  • Provide capital verifying service for the establishment and change of the companies while provide various certificate and credit verifying service, including:
    ·Offer capital verifying reports
    ·stockholder’s certificate verifying reports for the establishment and change of the companies; ·Offer property certificate for people’s going abroad
  • Other Services
  • ·Report on assessing the book-keeping system of computer
    ·Book-keeping and financial statement compiling service
    ·Professional training service
    ·Design financial and accounting regulations as well as internal management rules